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Foster Cats and Kittens at A Cat’s Tale

ALL SUMMER LONG! A Cat’s Tale does not have a facility – all their cats and kittens are kept in foster care. The more foster homes they have, the more cats they can save! Fostering is FREE – they pay for everything.
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Lead an activity at Ability Firstfor People with Developmental Disabilities

ALL SUMMER LONG! Join one of Ability Firsts programs as a lead on an arts & crafts class, play games, join a Zumba, dance or yoga class. Do you have a special talent? Share it with their participants!
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Foster a Dog, Save a Life With Ace of Hearts

ALL SUMMER LONG! One of the best ways you can help Ace of Hearts is volunteering to foster a dog. For each new foster home that opens up, they are able to save the life of another shelter dog on death row. Opening your heart and home to a dog in need can bring you joy and the satisfaction that comes from knowing you've made a difference in an animal's life. Simply put, fostering saves lives!
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Volunteer With the Red Cross

ALL SUMMER LONG! Volunteer at blood drives or join Red Cross's mission-critical volunteer positions to carry out other aspects of their lifesaving work. These volunteers welcome visitors to Red Cross facilities or blood drives and take their temperature before they enter. They also have a high-priority need for Transportation Specialists to help deliver blood from their facilities to local hospitals.
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Join the Volunteer from Home Program at Ascencia

ALL SUMMER LONG! The Virtual Volunteer Program was created in response to COVID-19 as a way to keep volunteers engaged and connected to Ascencia. There are several ways to stay connected. Volunteers can assemble hygiene kits, prepare lunches, and more.

Pitch in for the Youth Volunteer Opportunities at Ascencia

ALL SUMMER LONG! Ascensia offers several youth volunteer opportunities, for those age 14-18, such as shelter volunteer, office volunteer, social media ambassador, donation closet organizer and volunteering on a budget.

Lead Virtual/In-Person Children’s Activities Aviva Family and Children’s Services

ALL SUMMER LONG! Lead virtual/in-person children’s activities or workshops for youth and adults through Aviva Family and Children's Services.
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Volunteer with Beagles and Buddies

ALL SUMMER LONG! Beagles and Buddies welcomes new and experienced volunteers. Together, you'll figure out the best way for you to participate in the joy that is Beagles & Buddies... and there's a multitude of fun going on that you won't want to miss! There are a wide variety of very necessary chores, many "hands-on" doggie tasks: brushing, bathing, walking, socializing and just being with some of the newcomers. Get your application in so they can set up your interview. Please email applications and indicate dates/days/hours you'd like to volunteer, your areas of interest/expertise and anticipated number of hours you will give....the more the better!~ They've got a great volunteer program going on and lots of fun for everyone - most especially the dogs!! Send those apps and ancillary forms to Connie at Also helpful to bring your hard copy app your first visit. Thanks for your interest in volunteering to help the dogs. They really appreciate it--we can tell by all the tail wagging around here!
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Volunteer at Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson

ALL SUMMER LONG! When you volunteer at Boys & Girls Clubs of Carson, you make a difference in the lives of youth most in need! The Club prides itself on being a hopeful vibrant community, where the energy of free-spirited youth is encouraged by warm and friendly professional staff. Whether attending an event or virtually, you'll discover you're in a special place. Whether helping with homework or encouraging high schoolers’ professional development as a career panel guest speaker, you'll have the opportunity to build healthy relationships with young people and have a positive impact on their lives! In turn, you will find that brightening up the lives of these young people has a positive impact on you as well. Due to COVID-19 safety protocol, The Club’s volunteer needs are vast and flexibly changing with time. If you are interested in volunteering, fill out the interest form and their Volunteer Coordinator will reach out to you within 48 hours of submission. Please note, while they have an ongoing list of our most pressing needs, they are always accepting applications from volunteers with other interests. Volunteers must be over 18 years of age, complete a phone interview with the volunteer coordinator, and complete paperwork (background check/live scan).
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Donate Your Time and Talents to C.A.R.E.4Paws

ALL SUMMER LONG! Every year, C.A.R.E.4Paws puts on multiple events, including fundraisers to help support their important work. They would love your help. Please take a look at the services and events they offer and let them know what you are most interested in assisting with, and how you think you can best help them.
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Take Climate Action Now with California Climate Action Corp

ALL SUMMER LONG! You can take immediate action to be a part of the climate solution. Planting trees, hacking your thermostat, and composting food waste are just a few examples of how you can make a difference from home today. By signing up, you are pledging to take action as part of the California Climate Action Corps. They will email you a list of 10 ways to take action on climate change from home. They will also keep you in the loop as new climate volunteer opportunities roll out over the next few months. When we work together, small daily actions can add up to powerful, collective impact -- join and be a part of the solution!
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Help Onsite at Child Care Resource Center

ALL SUMMER LONG! CCRC needs volunteers at one of their offices. Help sort books or use your talents with special projects and professional services. They also host a number of events throughout the year. There is always room for help with set-up, breakdown, story time, hair and face painting, etc.
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Active Listener for Crisis Calls

ALL SUMMER LONG! Want to work as a Crisis Listener? The community Helpline is staffed by rigorously trained Volunteer and Intern Crisis Listeners. All volunteers and interns must attend and successfully complete our 35 hour of Listening and Communications Training. If you want to serve the community and join our volunteer force, please email or call us at the number provided.
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Fight Hunger and Support Long Beach Community Table

ALL SUMMER LONG! Join the Long Beach Community table as they provide essential food and grocery items for neighbors all over Long Beach. All bags are shared with Long Beach neighbors in need!

Help Break the Cycle of Homelessness and Volunteer with Los Angeles Mission

ALL SUMMER LONG! As a volunteer you will have the opportunity to impact the lives of neighbors and friends in the Skid Row area. Los Angeles Mission does ask that you create an account, go through one of their orientations, and that all volunteers be 16+.
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Adopt and Save a Rabbit from the Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation

ALL SUMMER LONG! Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation fosters and rehabilitates rescued rabbits until they're ready to be adopted. You can help take a rabbit home. Learn more about adoption here:
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Help Transport Bunny Supplies with the Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation

ALL SUMMER LONG! The LA Rabbit Foundation need transporters to help with delivering supplies to foster homes and shelters. They have foster homes mostly based in West LA, but a few spread throughout L.A.
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Help Shelter A Rabbit with Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation

ALL SUMMER LONG! Help abandoned rabbits by cleaning, socializing, and assisting at adoption venues and/or animal shelters. The LA Rabbits Foundation have a special need for volunteers who care for rabbits in shelters. This involves cleaning and feeding the bunnies, and/or socializing and exercising them. its also important that volunteers work with others kindly. And you have to be willing to take direction when it comes to what and how the rabbits are fed and cared for, as they have a set routine. Volunteers must be at least 12 years old with parents present, or over 16 if volunteering without a guardian.
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Help Transport Hay for the Rabbits of the LA Rabbit Foundation

ALL SUMMER LONG! The LA Rabbits Foundation needs volunteers to pick up 1-3 bales of hay from Riverside Dr. in Glendale or from Red Barn in Reseda, bag it, then deliver it to West Los Angeles and/or Playa del Rey. Hay and fuel costs will be covered by the organization (unless you want to cover the costs and then get a charitable receipt from the organization). Since traffic is lighter on the weekends, most "hay elves" prefer to pick up hay then--but any day is fine, as long as someone is available to receive the hay. The frequency of each volunteer's hay runs will depend on the number of new hay elves they recruit. They currently have one hay elf doing a weekly or bi-weekly run, depending on demand for the hay.
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Foster an Adorable Bunny with the LA Rabbit Foundation

ALL SUMMER LONG! Fostering a bunny or two is a fulfilling way to help save rabbits without the long-term expenses or commitment. The LA Rabbit Foundation is looking for folks who can foster for any length of time. They prefer homes within 20 miles of adoption venue (Mar Vista/West LA). Indoors only! They do not stick their foster homes with rabbits like some other groups do. They are a premier rabbit organization; our rabbits are neutered and box trained to varying degrees. They do not cage rabbits: the rabbits live in a playpen when not supervised, or a well-bunnyproofed room. Thank you for helping us save lives! Here's the basic information on fostering for them:
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