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Foster Cats and Kittens at A Cat’s Tale

ALL SUMMER LONG! A Cat’s Tale does not have a facility – all their cats and kittens are kept in foster care. The more foster homes they have, the more cats they can save! Fostering is FREE – they pay for everything.
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Foster a Dog, Save a Life With Ace of Hearts

ALL SUMMER LONG! One of the best ways you can help Ace of Hearts is volunteering to foster a dog. For each new foster home that opens up, they are able to save the life of another shelter dog on death row. Opening your heart and home to a dog in need can bring you joy and the satisfaction that comes from knowing you've made a difference in an animal's life. Simply put, fostering saves lives!
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Donate Wishlist Items to AHEAD With Horses to Help Support Their Program

ALL SUMMER LONG! AHEAD With Horses is a non-profit developmental therapeutic vaulting program for children with all types of disabilities. Support them by donating items from their Wish List to help support the program and take care of their beloved Therapy Horses.
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Help Angel Hanz For The Homeless Help Others

ALL SUMMER LONG! Help make a difference and sign up to volunteer with Angel Hanz For The Homeless. They need help with daily admin activities such as grant writing, researching potential grant opportunities, assistance in soliciting donations and sponsorships, running errands, stocking and organizing storage space, and being on call to transport animals with medical emergencies.
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Buy a Book to Contribute to Beagles and Buddies

ALL SUMMER LONG! Beagles and Buddies volunteer Heidi Mastrogiovanni has written a comedic novel with a title character who rescues dogs! When you buy a copy of Heidi’s book, she will donate 10% of the sales price to Beagles and Buddies.
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Sponsor a Dog in Need at Beagles and Buddies

ALL SUMMER LONG! For only $25 a month you can sponsor a dog. Your donations assist in feeding and providing medical attention for needy dogs in Beagles and Buddies' care.
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Volunteer with Beagles and Buddies

ALL SUMMER LONG! Beagles and Buddies welcomes new and experienced volunteers. Together, you'll figure out the best way for you to participate in the joy that is Beagles & Buddies... and there's a multitude of fun going on that you won't want to miss! There are a wide variety of very necessary chores, many "hands-on" doggie tasks: brushing, bathing, walking, socializing and just being with some of the newcomers. Get your application in so they can set up your interview. Please email applications and indicate dates/days/hours you'd like to volunteer, your areas of interest/expertise and anticipated number of hours you will give....the more the better!~ They've got a great volunteer program going on and lots of fun for everyone - most especially the dogs!! Send those apps and ancillary forms to Connie at Also helpful to bring your hard copy app your first visit. Thanks for your interest in volunteering to help the dogs. They really appreciate it--we can tell by all the tail wagging around here!
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Purchase Native Plants Support the Bolsa Chica Conservancy

ALL SUMMER LONG! Bring the beauty of Bolsa Chica to your home and support local ecosystems at the same time! Want to purchase some native plants? The Bolsa Chica Conservancy periodically hosts native plant sales, so check back regularly. Native plants are widely diverse and a great addition to any growing space! In southern California, where residents contend with long, dry summers, and short, unpredictably wet winters, adding native, drought-tolerant plants is a great way to add some color to your home while also saving money!

Donate Your Time and Talents to C.A.R.E.4Paws

ALL SUMMER LONG! Every year, C.A.R.E.4Paws puts on multiple events, including fundraisers to help support their important work. They would love your help. Please take a look at the services and events they offer and let them know what you are most interested in assisting with, and how you think you can best help them.
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Donate to the Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation and Care For a Rabbit

ALL SUMMER LONG! Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that is run by unpaid volunteers. Your donations will directly pay for operations, food, supplies and veterinary care for foster rabbits!
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Adopt and Save a Rabbit from the Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation

ALL SUMMER LONG! Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation fosters and rehabilitates rescued rabbits until they're ready to be adopted. You can help take a rabbit home. Learn more about adoption here:
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Help Transport Bunny Supplies with the Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation

ALL SUMMER LONG! The LA Rabbit Foundation need transporters to help with delivering supplies to foster homes and shelters. They have foster homes mostly based in West LA, but a few spread throughout L.A.
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Help Shelter A Rabbit with Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation

ALL SUMMER LONG! Help abandoned rabbits by cleaning, socializing, and assisting at adoption venues and/or animal shelters. The LA Rabbits Foundation have a special need for volunteers who care for rabbits in shelters. This involves cleaning and feeding the bunnies, and/or socializing and exercising them. its also important that volunteers work with others kindly. And you have to be willing to take direction when it comes to what and how the rabbits are fed and cared for, as they have a set routine. Volunteers must be at least 12 years old with parents present, or over 16 if volunteering without a guardian.
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Carpenters Needed to Help Build Wooden Boxes with the LA Rabbit Foundation

ALL SUMMER LONG! The LA Rabbit Foundation needs wooden boxes for rescued rabbits. The boxes will be patterned after rabbit "nest boxes" and would keep bunnies warmer, and give them a place to hide and a box to jump on. Unfortunately they don't have the funding for any supplies so they would have to be donated. Supplies: 3/4" solid unfinished pine wood, small nails or screws. They have a blueprint for the boxes and will email to anyone wanting to make them. This would be a super project for a school group, Eagle Scouts, etc.

Help Transport Hay for the Rabbits of the LA Rabbit Foundation

ALL SUMMER LONG! The LA Rabbits Foundation needs volunteers to pick up 1-3 bales of hay from Riverside Dr. in Glendale or from Red Barn in Reseda, bag it, then deliver it to West Los Angeles and/or Playa del Rey. Hay and fuel costs will be covered by the organization (unless you want to cover the costs and then get a charitable receipt from the organization). Since traffic is lighter on the weekends, most "hay elves" prefer to pick up hay then--but any day is fine, as long as someone is available to receive the hay. The frequency of each volunteer's hay runs will depend on the number of new hay elves they recruit. They currently have one hay elf doing a weekly or bi-weekly run, depending on demand for the hay.
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Foster an Adorable Bunny with the LA Rabbit Foundation

ALL SUMMER LONG! Fostering a bunny or two is a fulfilling way to help save rabbits without the long-term expenses or commitment. The LA Rabbit Foundation is looking for folks who can foster for any length of time. They prefer homes within 20 miles of adoption venue (Mar Vista/West LA). Indoors only! They do not stick their foster homes with rabbits like some other groups do. They are a premier rabbit organization; our rabbits are neutered and box trained to varying degrees. They do not cage rabbits: the rabbits live in a playpen when not supervised, or a well-bunnyproofed room. Thank you for helping us save lives! Here's the basic information on fostering for them:
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Donate and Help Love On 4 Paws Provide Therapy to Our Furry Friends

ALL SUMMER LONG! Love On 4 Paws provides animal-assisted therapy. They have a continuing need for funds to cover cameras, film, uniforms, sanitary supplies, yearly vet checkups, outreach expenses, and more. Your donation will help! There are three ways to donate
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Help Save Our Environment and Donate to Support the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy

ALL SUMMER LONG! The Conservancy helps preserve plants, animals and natural habitats all over the Peninsula. By joining the Conservancy today, you will be welcomed into a family of dedicated individuals committed to saving open spaces on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. There are many ways to make a donation.

Donate to Support Homeless Pet Owners through PalsNPets

ALL SUMMER LONG! PalsNPets is a nonprofit dedicated to homeless pet owners and their pets. They are a unique kind of organization providing services and establishing shelters specific to the needs of this group, who are often the most in need and we believe have a higher potential to turn their lives around. Your donations will go directly to helping homeless pet owners and their pets with shelter and services to move them forward!
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Volunteer at Project Minnie

ALL SUMMER LONG! Project Minnie is always in need of caring people who can pack food, make sandwiches, help distribute supplies, and photograph the animals on the boardwalk. They also need folks who will generously donate their time and expertise for specialized tasks including legal advice, grant writing, newsletter writing, graphic design and public relations. To learn more about volunteering opportunities, please email
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