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Purchase Native Plants Support the Bolsa Chica Conservancy

ALL SUMMER LONG! Bring the beauty of Bolsa Chica to your home and support local ecosystems at the same time! Want to purchase some native plants? The Bolsa Chica Conservancy periodically hosts native plant sales, so check back regularly. Native plants are widely diverse and a great addition to any growing space! In southern California, where residents contend with long, dry summers, and short, unpredictably wet winters, adding native, drought-tolerant plants is a great way to add some color to your home while also saving money!

Help Save Our Environment and Donate to Support the Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy

ALL SUMMER LONG! The Conservancy helps preserve plants, animals and natural habitats all over the Peninsula. By joining the Conservancy today, you will be welcomed into a family of dedicated individuals committed to saving open spaces on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. There are many ways to make a donation.

Volunteer to be an Onshore Volunteer for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

ALL SUMMER LONG! Onshore Volunteers are an essential part of ensuring funding for Sea Shepherd campaigns and carrying Sea Shepherd’s mission to the general public. Their campaign leaders, directors and other staff cannot be everywhere at once, so their OSVs help bring Sea Shepherd’s important message to as many corners of North America as they can. The OSVs arrange participation in events, help to manage and transport our merchandise and informational materials, and interact with the public. Without funding and public awareness, Sea Shepherd cannot do the work that we do. We are wholly funded by donations, not corporate sponsors or political interest groups. Our vested interest is in the welfare and preservation of ocean wildlife. There is no other group or movement like Sea Shepherd, and our OSVs must reflect that uniqueness in the effort that they put into our Onshore Volunteer program.

Hop Aboard and Volunteer to be a Crew Member on One of Sea Shepherd’s Vessels

ALL SUMMER LONG! We are looking for navigators, sailors, engineers, electricians, carpenters, welders, cooks, medics or nurses, small boat operators, photographers, videographers, electronics technicians, radio and antenna technicians, and even a few unskilled but dedicated Ocean Defenders
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Volunteer as a Bird Bander with the Starr Ranch Sanctuary

ALL SUMMER LONG! Dedicated birders who would like banding experience are invited to apply to become volunteer banders for a MAPS (Mapping Avian Productivity and Survivorship) station at the Starr Ranch Bird Observatory. MAPS is a growing network of hundreds of songbird banding stations in North America run by the Institute for Bird Populations (IBP). Long term banding data from MAPS stations help track changes in populations and migration patterns. In 2005, we became part of an international monitoring network that tracks birds in their wintering grounds, MoSI (Monitoreo de Sobrevivencia Invernal) with stations from Mexico to Columbia (and Starr Ranch!).
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Volunteer for Songbird Monitoring with the Starr Ranch Sanctuary

ALL SUMMER LONG! Besides bird banding, Starr Ranch manages other songbird monitoring projects that utilize volunteer citizen scientists who are trained by ornithologists. Monitoring usually targets rare species and habitats such as coastal sage scrub but they also use songbirds as indicators of restoration success and climate change. New monitoring projects help them make decisions on which invasive plant species they will work to control.If you would like to volunteer or would like to learn more about Starr Ranch songbird monitoring projects, please contact Sandy DeSimone ( at 949-858-0309.

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Volunteer to Control Invasive Plants with the Starr Ranch Sanctuary

ALL SUMMER LONG! Starr Ranch “Weed Warriors” help them remove invasive plant species. Invasive species can alter habitats and can have negative effects on wildlife. All of their weed control is non-chemical, and done with hand tools. Currently volunteers help them with periwinkle, English ivy, and Smilo grass removal. If you would like to become a “weed warrior” at Starr Ranch, please contact Sandy DeSimone ( at 949-858-0309.
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Gather Data on Stream Waters with the Starr Ranch Sanctuary

ALL SUMMER LONG! Since 2003, Starr Ranch biologists have trained volunteers to use a standardized protocol to gather data on stream water quality and the impacts of urban run-off on the physical, chemical, and biological components of water quality in the creeks of Starr Ranch. The results are sent to a statewide database. If you would like to volunteer with the annual stream bioassessment project, please contact Sandy DeSimone ( at 949-858-0309.
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Restore and Maintain the Bolsa Chica Wetlands with Bolsa Chica Conservancy

Want to help the community and your local environment, and have fun doing it? Then join the Public Volunteer Service Day with the Bolsa Chica Conservancy! At this event, participants have the opportunity to help restore and maintain the Bolsa Chica Wetlands! Participants will help this local treasure with invasive plant removal, debris disposal, and/or native plant installation. Public Service Days are held on the Second Sunday and Last Saturday of every month, and run from 9:00 AM until 12:00 PM. Please come in closed-toe shoes, as you will be working in off-road terrain! Come prepared with sun protection with a water bottle, sun glasses, sun screen, and/or a hat! They recommend arriving 10 - 15 minutes early to secure parking. To that end, they also encourage carpooling whenever possible! If you have any questions, please contact them via phone at (714) 846 - 1114 or via email at

Explore the Outdoors with a Volunteer Day at Agua Amarga Reserve

Help remove invasive weeds and care for a community restoration site to benefit wildlife. Students can receive community service hours.

Explore the Outdoors with a Volunteer Day at White Point Nature Preserve

Help care for the gardens at White Point Nature Preserve by planting native shrubs, removing invasive weeds, watering native plants, grooming trails and more!