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Inspire a New Generation to Read by Joining the Reading to Kids Taskforce

ALL SUMMER LONG! The Reading to Kids Taskforce includes returning volunteers, teachers, and administrators who are dedicated to supporting, sustaining, and building the organization. Requirements for joining the Taskforce include: having volunteered at two or more reading clubs and wanting to be involved in the planning, administration, and/or execution of some aspect of the organization.
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Help Kids Become Better Readers and Donate to Reading to Kids

ALL SUMMER LONG! Financial support from foundations, corporations, organizations, and individuals allows Reading to Kids to maintain and expand the reading club program, purchase teacher-selected books for elementary school libraries in low-income communities, and fund book donations directly to children to aid them in developing their own home libraries.
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Crack Open a Book and Volunteer at Reading to Kids’ August Reading Club

Volunteers are the lifeblood of Reading to Kids. Volunteers work together month after month to help provide children with a brighter future by encouraging them to become better readers. Take part in this by joining their monthly reading clubs!
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