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Donate to Assistance League of Los Angeles

The Assistance League of Los Angeles has a mission to improve the lives of impoverished children in the community through philanthropy, dedicated service, and compassionate programs. With your support, they can all make a difference in the lives of children throughout Los Angeles. Click here to donate now:
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Host an In-Kind Donation Drive for the Aviva Family and Children’s Services

Host a drive for the Aviva Family and Children's Services at your work, place of worship or with family and friends to collect new items throughout the year. Supplies (kindergarten thru college), toiletries & hygiene from baby to adult, household cleaning and laundry products, clothing and shoes, and food and transportation gift cards. For more information visit:
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Help Aviva Family and Children’s Services with their Summer Events

Assist the Aviva Family and Children's Services during events (set up and clean up), take inventory, organize expressive arts room, assemble self-care kits, baby supply bags, and school supply bags. Sign up here:
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Lead Virtual/In-Person Children’s Activities Aviva Family and Children’s Services

Lead virtual/in-person children’s activities or workshops for youth and adults through Aviva Family and Children's Services. For more information:
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Buy a Book to Contribute to Beagles and Buddies

Beagles and Buddies volunteer Heidi Mastrogiovanni has written a comedic novel with a title character who rescues dogs! When you buy a copy of Heidi’s book, she will donate 10% of the sales price to Beagles and Buddies. You can purchase it here:
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Sponsor a Dog in Need at Beagles and Buddies

For only $25 a month you can sponsor a dog. Your donations assist in feeding and providing medical attention for needy dogs in Beagles and Buddies' care. Become a sponsor today:
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Volunteer with Beagles and Buddies

Beagles and Buddies welcomes new and experienced volunteers. Together, you'll figure out the best way for you to participate in the joy that is Beagles & Buddies... and there's a multitude of fun going on that you won't want to miss! There are a wide variety of very necessary chores, many "hands-on" doggie tasks: brushing, bathing, walking, socializing and just being with some of the newcomers. Get your application in so they can set up your interview. Please email applications and indicate dates/days/hours you'd like to volunteer, your areas of interest/expertise and anticipated number of hours you will give....the more the better!~ They've got a great volunteer program going on and lots of fun for everyone - most especially the dogs!! Send those apps and ancillary forms to Connie at Also helpful to bring your hard copy app your first visit. Thanks for your interest in volunteering to help the dogs. They really appreciate it--we can tell by all the tail wagging around here! Visit:
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Adopt a Doggie Friend at Beagles and Buddies

Adopt a precious 4-legged friend at Beagles and Buddies! Come visit in person, bringing your entire family, other dogs, extended family, friends -- not mandatory in all instances, but recommended. Plan to spend at least one hour here at their facility(maybe as much as 2-3 hrs). They'll try to do their best to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes it is pretty busy and they're shorthanded and sometimes it just takes awhile. You may often come in with ideas of what dog you want to meet; they may be able to recommend other dogs that would be good matches for you. Be the new home for a dog! Visit:
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